Mores Sleeps

Busy, busy, busy.  Seems like each day is 2 hours short.  So that means each day feels like playing catch up.  And the next few days are going to be a little rough, at least according to the schedule we have.  I don’t think there’s a break until Monday.  Le /sigh.

Le D3

Not much going on here, or at least not much of note.  My luck here is beyond abhorrent.  I’ve tried bounties, I’ve tried rifts, I’ve tried greater rifts, I’ve tried Greed, I’ve tried the cube and bloodshards (well over 5000 of them since my last upgrade).  Not a single upgrade – and it’s not like I’m sitting on a gold mine of gear either!  I could upgrade more than ¾ of what I have on me, with even a mediocre “ancient” drop.

Greed’s domain is interesting.  You are guaranteed to encounter 2 random goblins before the boss, then 5-8 regular treasure goblins while on the boss.  The first 2 can be any type, though the 2 that are the most fun are the Fate Peddler (for bloodshards) and the Gelatinous Goblin (jellos), who ends up splitting into 6 mini treasure goblins.  My brother and I had a run last night with 2 of the jellos and I didn’t get a single legendary on a TX run.  I don’t even want to do the math on that.

The joke in all this is that my brother’s monk is only a few days old and we’re near par in terms of output.  He was in a full U6 build in a single session through gambling and cubing.  Then last night he had an ancient helm drop and gave me his trash.  Hah!

I think I need to do more sacrifices to RNGsus.  Or roll another character in Season 4.  That carrot on the stick is starting to smell rotten.

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