New Rig Shippin’

Last night was about backing up some files.  I had 30 gigs of home movies in a little known folder.  Good thing I caught it!  Once that was done, I ran some additional tests on the video card.  Safe mode had an odd colored bar in the middle of the screen… never a good sign.  I removed the drivers, rebooted and normal mode was fine.  The drivers reinstalled and a reboot later, black screen.  Ah well, I have a local computer replacement shop I think I’ll send it to.

New Rig

That said, I did spend some additional time on the hunt for a new box.  US exchange rate and shipping costs were going to end up somewhere near 22% on the Canadian dollar, so I really wanted something on this side of the water.  Two options.

NCIX was recommended to me by Rohan.  They had some decent rigs available, either a GS70 or a Dominator (I love those names).  Reflex Notebooks has a fair chunk of selection and customization though, and I had my eye on a Sager 8278.

I ended up on the checkout for both sites to compare prices.  NCIX charges shipping and insurance, while both are baked into the Reflex price point.  So while I thought I was saving a fair amount with the former, the final prices were relatively close.

It’s one of those things where you’re looking at the number, realize what it actually means in terms of time spent to make that amount, and then ponder “is this really worth it?”  I am far from being cheap but I do know where my money goes.  Most of my purchases are large purchases, as I prefer quality over quantity.

I ended up picking the Sager as it really came out to the most bang for the buck.  I customized exactly what I wanted, even though the baseline included a GTX970M card (like 3 cards down from top of the line).  I won’t have to pay a cent at the door and in a week or so, I’ll have a new box.


Meanwhile I’m without a gaming rig, which has been my go-to stress relief lately. It’s somewhat ironic that my work and overtime are the cause of the stress, and are paying for the updated relief.  If I cut down on the former, I’d naturally cut down on the latter.  Still, I have a tablet for some respite.  Weather is nice, more biking is in order…

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