Your Voice Matters

I have a personal rule in my line of work, if no one says anything, then it’s approved.  I tried forcing people to approve things and nothing moved, so now everything has a disclaimer.

You have x days to provide comments, otherwise you’re indicating approval for the content.

It took 2 or 3 passes before people realized I wasn’t messing around and now feedback is quite quick.  It’s also something I use when talking to friends and politics comes up.  “Did you vote?  No?  Then shut up.”

The link to gaming, and actually more like social studies, is as follows.  A lack of action is an approval of another action.  In much simpler terms, if you’re not calling an asshat out, then you’re ok with their actions.  If you’re not /reporting someone for clear harassment, then you’re supporting them.

Now, people can make all sorts of excuses around that and that’s all they are, excuses.  If you aren’t standing up for something, then you’re standing up for nothing.  Things don’t change by just sitting there and looking at them.  They need action, they need people.

Greifer – someone who through their actions, costs you more than they pay into the system

I could care LESS about what people think about the UO Trammel split.  It was the solution, at the time, that was meant to stop greifing.  There was such a furor on the forums and in-game, people were simply just abandoning completely that Origin needed to make a drastic change.  You can blame the “carebears” if you want but the cause was always the greifers.  The solution… we can talk about that another time.

I won’t be linking to any hashtags or websites about the garbage going on today.  It’s really not that complicated.  There are a bunch of people who would rather stroke themselves and put everyone else down rather than share the ball.  I get that.  We used to call them schoolyard bullies.  They all ended up pumping gas for a living.

The gaming industry is undergoing a revolution.  The old days of pumping out shareware crap at Radio Shack are long gone.  The old guard of online games has long since retired or morphed into today’s MMO/online presence.  Today’s gaming must be inclusive.  It’s beyond financially irresponsible to ignore 50% of your market – it’s ignorant.  Gaming is a business, it needs to make money.  Focusing solely on greifers as your target audience is stupid.  XBOX One even has a cesspool of players with low score to avoid this problem.  If you want to be an asshole, that’s fine.  Go circle jerk with the rest and leave us alone.

There is a massive storm of ideas and mandates going on today.  It will not get better in the short term.  This is what happens when you want a revolution, people will get hurt, business will suffer and after what seems like an eternity, the industry will come out stronger.

But the only way this thing will change is if you use your voice, because every single one matters.

5 thoughts on “Your Voice Matters

  1. I don’t see any revolution coming in game design. Gameplay is king and those interested in gaming for gamings’ sake aren’t buying in to this current trend of social apologist bs. Sarkeesian is basically offering up the most inflammatory feminazi viewpoint possible, and I believe she’s finally being called out for it. What’s definately coming down is a huge backlash against game websites who are being exposed for the heavy handed opinion culling in their comments section and game publisher influenced review scores (aka they are on the take).


    • Games are more than gameplay, you can tell by review scores that factor multiple vectors – sound, controls, content, etc… it’s like comparing The Last of Us and Call of Duty.

      Sarkeesian isn’t new. WoD took flak for having no female Horse leaders. AC 5 even more because “it takes too much effort to make female characters”. There are dozens of other examples. The last month is more of a perfect storm.

      That review sites are or are not on the take is a separate matter. The Quinn example was shown to be a set of lies from a jealous ex. But if your argument is for integrity in the gaming space, across media and developers, then ya we need that. And we need even more with the gamers themselves.


      • Well gameplay as in all things that make a game enjoyable. The funny thing is over a year ago I played a fem Shep in Mass effect 3 with a steamy lesbian relationship with an officer on my ship (complete with shower scene!) I could lose my job IRL for that! Like you said – lightening in a bottle. Still trying to figure out who is going to pay most dearly. Will indy devs pay for Zoe Quinn’s bad press? She wouldn’t be the first indy dev to be in the spotlight for erratic behavior (whether perceived or real). Gaming websites/journalism? Will us gamers have to deal with enforced ethnic/sexual preference quotas in AAA games for now on in place of just quality and unique story lines/gameplay being the priority? I truly hope free speech always takes priority over a world where some group has any say in ‘content control’ in any form of art.


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