#Wildstar – Megaservers

Quick post as I’ve been out away from a computer (heck, an internet connection) for a while now. Seems while I was gone Wildstar announced that Megaservers were coming to the game.

If you’ve played GW2, then you know what these are.  I’ve always found it odd that NCSoft didn’t apply that tech to Wildstar at the start…Anyhoo.  Megaservers are going to provide 2 main server rules, PvE and PvP.  The RP stuff is going bye-bye.  This is similar to what SWTOR did, DCUO too.  WoW still has front end servers when picking a place to play but the backend has nearly every single server tied to another (or more) through “merging”.  It just doesn’t make sense to have actual server anymore as there’s no real win to be had.

The only kink I see here is the naming conflicts.  There are still plenty of players and servers and for the love of poop, I am not giving up Asmiroth to anyone.  I liked WoW’s implementation (with server name as last name) but I’m sure as the weeks go by and they test it out some we’ll see progress.

Overall, quite happy with the news.  And looking forward to 1.3 as well!

2 thoughts on “#Wildstar – Megaservers

  1. Yeah, I think servers are largely a mistake in the modern era, especially for these larger worlds. I wish they combined with better systems to ignore toxic players though. Imagine if ignoring not only prevented harassment from EVERY character on that account, but steered you away from sharing world instances.

    With the right tech, you could even have promote instances with friends and guildmates only and fulfill the wet dream of every new age, antisocial MMO player!


    • I covered a similar though in a previous post Social Economies Part 4/. I am rather fond of the way XBOX has a “penalty box” for people with low scores. I know that WoW has a preference selection based on your server and friends list, and I don’t think I’ve ever grouped with someone on /ignore (though it’s a large player base).

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