#Wildstar – Old Community

Murf has a mass-market article on Gameranx.  It deals with the more familiar aspects to the launch of Wildstar and community.  Disclaimer – both Murf and I are on Evidra (in a guild run by overlord Liore), an RP server.  The type of player who knowingly selects an RP server is vastly different than a normal PvE or PvP server.  That said, I think the general rule applies.

My personal experiences echo those of Murf, in that by and large, the community is much more familiar and family-like than other games.  I’ve stated in a few places that Wildstar takes a social-first approach to nearly all aspects of the game.  You can certainly play alone but the experience is exponentially better with other people.  Challenges in particular, are run at a disadvantage if multiple people attempt them without grouping.  Each zone has 5-6 group quests, usually 2-3 people with an additional 5 member quest.  Grouping with random people also awards Renown, used as a currency for many customization features.  Grouping with 2+ guildies also gives you guild credits, which unlocks additional features.

The old community aspect is that the game is familiar enough in concept that people were able to transition somewhat easily from other games and if you have friends, you can actually play with them.  So that’s a direct contrast to say, ESO.  The fact that transition was so simple and intuitive, it allows for a much lower stress environment when it comes to questions and answers.  It also helps that there are few bugs, so frustration is also very low.  It makes for a much more enjoyable community.

I think it bears to mention that Wildstar’s skill level is a fair bit higher than the competition (as always, FF14 aside) and that as more and more people run adventures/dungeons, people looking for an easier ride will have to either reset their expectations or head to another game.  This is EXACTLY what FF14 did and from the numbers we can see that was a rather successful position to take.  I know I have personally died many, many times as a solo player.  Dungeons are challenging, not punishing.  I think my level 90 Monk died once while leveling, and that was from falling.  With a higher skill level, it means that people are a bit more focused on what’s going on.  That makes for a more involved player base, which is certainly positive.

2 thoughts on “#Wildstar – Old Community

  1. I disagree with you about FFXIV. FFXIV difficulty is on a significant ramp. They very deliberately ramp up from very basic straightforward dungeons. The early dungeons (Satasha, etc) are very easy. Even simpler than early WoW dungeons. But each later dungeon adds to the difficulty slightly.

    In contrast, it sounds like Wildstar starts at a much higher level of difficulty in their level 20 dungeons. That seems out of place to me.


    • Yes, that clarification is accurate. Given that FF14 also “forces” you to do the dungeons, it had a much different impact on the playerbase. Skill distribution over the levels is also more thought out. FF14 is the gold standard in character progression, at least to my eyes.

      WS doesn’t ramp up like it should. It gets harder, certainly but the first bump is a drastic change from the solo content. I would expect some balance patch to address that in the future.

      The concept that the skill wall prevents a more “casual” approach to group content is still valid mind you, just two different paths to get there. One is gradual, the other abrupt.


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