#Wildstar – Let’s Go

Success!  By luck of events, this weekend gave me good fortune to get a fair amount of time into the game.  And it would appear, that by and large, there were next to no server starts woes.  ESO was a good high bar and Wildstar is right on pace.  It does put other games into stark contrast when you think about it (Watch_Dogs, D3, SimCity, etc..).  In the age of the interwebs, you’d hope they’d get this part down and Carbine did a fine job.

So, with my name all nice and reserved, I made my Exile Human Esper Asmiroth on Evindra.  What a mouthful.  I decided to take a trip to Algoroc as a starting zone, which has a more wild west meet sci-fi vibe.  Rocky canyons, cliffs to climb and a secret robot base.

One fun quest was out in the middle of nowhere, with no breadcrumbs to get there.  Here’s a video.

I just hit 15 and got my house too, so the next little while I think is going to focus on my customization.  Until that time, here are some screencaps.

Rocket Man

Rocket Man

That's a big gun

That’s a big gun

Big bad robot

Big bad robot

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