#WildStar – Getting Started

So WildStar is up on Saturday.  I won’t be able to actually play on Saturday, what with being a parent and it being the weekend and all but that’s another topic.  Maybe I can find time to create a character.  Bah, best not to get the hopes up.

That said, I do know the following.  I’ll be on Evindra.  Twitter world seems to have picked that one and being an RP server, experience has taught me that’s my kind of crowd.

I’ll be rolling an Esper too.  My beta time really pushed me down that path for some reason.  I like healing, so I was stuck with Spellslinger and Medic as other options.  The former isn’t bad, it’s just has an odd Spellsurge mechanic that I’m not too fond of.  Medic is too melee for my tastes.  Nearly 10 years of playing a rogue in WoW has taught me to avoid melee.  Oh, and the Esper is seemingly the most borked of all classes and massively under-represented. I like me some underdogs!

Race and faction are a slight bugger though.  Twitter is running Exile, though I know the Alliance of Awesome (not sure if this is on Evindra though) is running Dominion.  I don’t like the Aurin personally and when you don’t like a race and have to stare at it for a few hundred hours – meh.  And I’ve never been a fan of the humanoid races either.  I did play Chua in the beta and I’ll be honest, playing as a Mogwai is a lot of fun.  I guess we’ll see where that ends up.

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