All You Need to Know

Recent studies about digital sales in the US, which drives the majority of game development we hear about, shows the spread of targets.  This ignores games from the East and Europe, mostly.

This doesn’t show competition, which is much greater in the F2P field than in the subscription field.  MMORPG’s list of games has F2P ahead by nearly 5:1 in terms of quantity of games (again, not quality).

The point of this post is that video games are a business.  Businesses succeed where the money is and investors are more likely to take a chance in a big pot of money than a smaller one.

There is a ton of money opportunity in the F2P sphere compared to subscriptions.  Same with competition with Mobile and PC DLC.  If you’re wondering why your subscription game isn’t working out, sometimes it isn’t about the game itself but every other game around it.  If a game takes $200 million to make your game and your potential market share is 9%…and you only get a small slice of that 9%… the math is pretty easy to see.

The market has shifted drastically from a few years ago.

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