WoW – Warlords of Draenor

Since I’ve already put in a few hundred hours in WoW and it’s still the giant gorilla in the market, need to have a post right?  Lots of info found here.

In brief form, the game is using the completely new method of telling a story by using time travel. /sarcasm.  Maybe it’s because the devs have heard enough of people moaning that Burning Crusade was the best and they decided to go back.  Maybe they are simply out of bad guys to put up.  Either way, they are recycling a ton of content, adding very little and taking a way a fair amount of the complexity.

Do I think this is a bad move?  Not really.

Players housing is in, sort of.  Dynamic quests are in, sort of.  Item squish is in  (yay!).  Raids are being revamped so that top tier is only 20 players.  I don’t get why anyone would run 25 now, it’s essentially the death stroke. 10 more levels where you become even stronger!  (Some of those skill upgrades are ridiculous.)  No more daily quests.  Item stats change based on spec.  No more gear of no value.  Reforging is gone, enchanting is smaller, less gems too.

I mean, I watched and read a ton of info about the expansion.  I am feeling less enthused here than I was for Pandaria.  Pandaria had a stupid premise but a decent execution on most fronts.  I am looking at Warlords of Draenor and seeing less an expansion but more a major patch.  Then again, after nearly 10 years, it can’t be hit out of the park every time.

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