FF14 – Bosses




Quick post on what I think is a darn cool implementation.  Bosses are in “locked” rooms, where you can’t join if you’ve been pushed out.  At first, you’re thinking, why is this needed.  Then you realize that with just 4 people and a decent enough skill level, you’re going to have people die on a boss.  I guess I’ve just been brainwashed by WoW et al.

Neverwinter was the first game I tried where this mechanic was used.  It was needed because dying on bosses was expected.  Here, the bosses in the early instances aren’t too bad but it can get hectic.

The image attached is for the first Trial and it involves Ifrit.  If you don’t have a history of FF games, this means nothing.  To me, I was raised gaming on this IP and I think it’s great.

FF14 - Ifrit


Trials are a bit different in that it’s just a single boss encounter.  That isn’t to say it’s easy.  We died 4 times before taking this guy down due to a single mechanic.  He drops a Nail to the ground, under him, that you need to kill ASAP or it’s a wipe.  The challenge is that a) he’s on top of it, making it hard to target, b) he still deals a LOT of damage and c) it takes about 90% DPS concentration to kill it in time, at level.  And that’s just the instant wipe.  After the nail goes, he fills half the screen in explosions making it a whole WHACK of fun to heal through.   This is where the 2.5s global cooldown shines.  Things happen fast but not so fast that you feel cheated.

I am really enjoying my experience.

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