Less is More

March sale estimates are out and they paint an interesting picture.  Both GoW games sold poorly while the more mid-stream, quality games, sold well.

God of War sold 360,000 (down from 1.1 million for the last game) and Gears of War sold 425,000 (down from 3 million for the last game).  Both had rather poor reviews of the same rehashed combat, lack of story and general “same-ness”.  Essentially, they were expansions priced as full priced games.

In contrast, Tomb Raider sold 696,000 copies and Bioshock sold 665,000.  2 years ago, if you told me that Tomb Raider would sell more than God of War and Gears of War combined, I would have called you crazy.  Today, we’re a few thousand copies away from that being fact.

I look at this with optimism.  People are getting tired of the franchise cycle and this bodes really well for gaming as a whole.  The days of just re-skinning the same game every year are hopefully dying, or at least making developers think twice about charging full price. (*cough* EA Sports *cough*).

My fingers are crossed that the gaming community as a whole keeps on this path of rewarding quality games and shunning the crud.  That way we can get more amazing games, as we’ve been rather blessed with so far these past few months.

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