Interplay Sale

If you’re older than 25, you likely played the heck out of Interplay games.  I’m sure I put in a few hundred hours into both Fallout games.  Stonekeep, Lionheart, JAGG and Freespace also took up a huge chunk of time.  Some poor management decisions in the early 2000s meant the end of that company but it doesn’t mean you can’t still find the games. is having a 50% sale on most Interplay games.  There are at least 5 games in that list that I’ll be getting.  I have no idea when I’ll be playing them mind you, but having them in the back pocket for when my internet craps out (all day yesterday) is a solid investment.

For those that are a bit younger and might not have had the chance to play these games, at the very least you should try out Fallout 2.  Every sandbox-RPG built in the last 10 years owes that game.

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