Same Story, Different Eyes

I’m running through a second playthrough of Bioshock Infinite, having given some time to digest the complete story from last time.  I mentioned that there was a twist, and to be quite honest, I didn’t see it coming.  I normally have a decent eye for that sort of thing but I think I was just too engrossed in the tale to notice.  There’s just something about a good yarn that makes you put logic at the door, put on your kids’ mind of open wonder and just goggle up whatever the story says.  Sure, there might be some plot holes but they are so slight that you can forgive them.  This isn’t Prometheus!

Back on topic. The thing about the twist is that it pretty much puts the entire game in a different light.  The prime driver of the game changes, the setting changes, the people change. Heck, you change.  Every little tidbit of information, the little tales spread between recordings, the images, everything is in on the twist.  Where once I read rhetoric, now I see truth.

I think that’s Bioshock’s (the series) best accomplishment.  That the entire story can be played multiple times with a completely different mindset.  Where once I was the savior, now I am the criminal.  Where once there was hatred, there is love.  It’s a really weird feeling to be told the EXACT same story, word for word, and get a 180 degree interpretation.  This “grey zone”, if you will, is astounding.  I’m looking forward to seeing this through to the end again.


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