Now That’s an Ending

Here I sit, nearly 2 AM on a tear of a run to finish Bioshock Infinite  done and done.  Irrational has a propensity for twists and turns in their tales and this game is no different.  Expecting a twist is different from expecting the twist, much in the same way you can’t really watch the 6th Sense a second time but you’ll still sit through another one of M. Night’s movies to see what’s next.

I finished the game, in a bit over 16 hours.  I played on the hard difficulty, which I suggest most others do as well.  I had a few problems at the start but after a few upgrades, it was relatively smooth sailing from then.  Up until the last fight.  You know it’s the last fight as the mechanics change a tad but it’s a solid run.  Little note for those trying the game, I highly suggest you upgrade the Murder of Crows and Possession to their highest.  While the game is certainly a FPS it is much less about running and gunning as it is about tactical fights.  Both of those skills give you a lot of breathing room.

There are some issues within the game, I’m sure you’ll find them from time to time, but on the whole, the entire game has a great flow.  The pacing is superb up until the final penultimate act.  You companion, Elizabeth, becomes such an integral part of the game that  when you are separated from her for any amount of time, you feel exposed.  There is something to be said about an NPC character leaving such a mark and I can think of only 2 others that come to mind – the Princess in the Prince of Persia reboot and your horse Agro in Shadow of the Colossus.

I won’t spoil it for anyone as it really is a game to be experienced.  Not played mind you, that comes naturally.  You need to experience the story, the world, the people.  When the twist happens and you think back to the trip you’ve taken, you’ll appreciate it all the more.

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