New Gadget

My wife owns a Galaxy Tab 10.1, which I use often enough.  I have a customized gaming laptop for gaming sessions but the mobile aspect of the tablet form factor is really appealing.  We were at a cottage for a large chunk of the holidays and it was easy to have the tablet around for a quick spot of Netflix, keep track of emails of even check the news with a coffee in the morning.

I’ve been looking at options and I see very few that appeal to me.  While the iPad 4 is shiny, has great power, decent battery life and a slew of accessories, the price point is simply ridiculous.  I can practically buy an ultrabook for the same price.  Plus the whole 4:3 ratio seems 5 years old.

The Acer Transformer Infinity has the same power, better battery life and a keyboard attachment that is just bat-crap crazy.  I could connect the thing to my TV with a simple dongle, increase my storage space with an SD card and a wide range of other features. Sadly, they stopped making the keyboard and I can’t find anything to replace it with.  Argh!

Google’s Nexus 10 looks amazing, has more power and features than any other Android app, beats the iPad in every benchmark but has no stock anywhere.

This is discounting the software edge that Apple has.  Nearly every application is  designed for Apple first, then ported (often poorly) to Android.  And most Android apps are made for phones (Facebook is a major offender).

CES is here though and hopefully I’ll spot something that makes sense.

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