I Hear Voices

There are quite a few topics on the blogosphere about immersion.  Syp has reached an uncanny valley, Zubon has a crush,  Bhagpuss finds it distracting and  Nosy decides what avatar to play based on their voice.

I don’t have perfect pitch but I have an ear for accents.  I can place most people on a map from just a few sentences and regional dialects are a hidden passion of mine.  Part of this is that I can recognize a base voice using an accent, which makes me kind of bored of Jennifer Hale.  She does some good work, don’t get me wrong, but she can only deliver a specific type of character.  I mean, don’t go asking Kristen Stewart to do anything but pout, right?

On the plus side, there are some voice actors who are amazing at delivering piss poor lines. Brad Dourif has to be at the top of that scale, simply in his method of delivery.  Dishonored might not have the best script or lines but damn if the people behind the faces aren’t giving it their all.

I should write a list of all the memorable voice acting bits I’ve come across.  Jon Irenicus from Baldur’s Gate 2 would likely be #1.

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