Size Matters

Rift Giant

Just don’t tell anyone! (zing!).

Rift has this thing where it plays with scale, more so now in the expansion.  There are two portions to this statement.  First is in the zone layout, where there are simply no real dead spots.  You aren’t so much running from place to place as you are running through things to get to other things.  Whereas most themeparks have you running on an empty path ( or flying there), Rift forces you to run through piles of enemies (or nearbouts) to get to the next hub.  This makes the world feel larger because it takes longer to get somewhere.

The second portion of the scale issue is in enemy variety.  I’ve fought dragons and bone golems to wolves and small birds.  There is a diversity in all enemies, which is a good thing in a game that so focuses on a realistic setting.  Compare to WoW or TOR, where everything has a bright cartoon feel and is easily distinguishable, Rift needs some method to have things stand out.  The original game did this with enemy diversity but not so much size.  Storm Legion has you taking on massive enemies  just often enough to make you feel powerful but not so often than the little guys seem inconsequential to your power.

It’s an interesting balance.


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