Looks Matter

I remember playing WoW during the Burning Crusade and thinking “These guys sure know how to make clowns look powerful”.

When Rift launched, it didn’t come with a Wardrobe out the gate but it did have dyes.  A patch or two in, Wardrobes were put in so that you could have up to 6 “looks”.  At the time, this was to help with the costume pieces that were around.  When it came to actual in-game gear, the look was pretty decent, if I do say so.  It was pretty hard to look like a goof, but it was still possible.

Rift Clean Look


As you can see in this picture, I took the time to make a decent looking character and save the look.  No matter the extra gear I got, I had a solid picture and it was relatively easy to make.  I can assure you that doing so in WoW, even today, is next to impossible.  It’s like 100 monkeys through bananas at the wall.  Probably because there are no dyes.  And less polygons.

Back to Rift.  I was never really paying attention to the new models, as I liked my current look.  I guess that’s a bad thing for the devs?  Anyways, here’s what I look like without a costume active.

Rift Look 2

Conan Smash!

Is this what the devs are trying for?  I look like a cross between a Conan and Mad Max.  I mean, it’s better than any clown look but it’s still pretty bad.

Guess I’ll keep my costume for a little while longer.

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