Well That Didn't Go As Planned

My littlest one took over 2 hours to take her bottle last night, so I didn’t really get a chance to do much with the Monk other than some Nesingwary quests.  Which I’ll talk about briefly.  Hah!

In the original incarnation of WoW there was a place called Stranglethorn Vale.  It was huge.  Dying was a major pain in the butt as you’d have to cross 5 minutes of land to have a chance to find your body.  Usually in a bad spot, and you’d die again.  I played on a PvP server for a bit and this zone made me quit that idea after being ganked for the 5th time.  Anyways, STV as it was called, had a camp with Nesingwary – a hunter. He and his crew sent you around to kill various wildlife – cats, crocs, raptors.  All told, there were ~20 quests in the chain and it finished with 4 elite kills.  Everyone grouped for those.

BC had him come around in Nagrand for some more killing.  Again, a ton of quests, way too much blood.  LK had him in Sholazar Basin with a few less quests within his sphere but more like the leader of a small town.  In Cataclysm, he was an NPC in a quest in Hyjal but didn’t offer any real interaction.  The real change was STV becoming tolerable.

Anyhow, Hemet’s murderous ways are back in Pandaria and way more like STV than should be healthy.  He (and his cronies) sends you to kill some mushu, stags, cats and foxes.  The catch is that these buggers are a combination of any of the following: a) in groups, b) invisible, c) low spawning, d) in the middle of other hostile enemies.

What would normally be a 2-3 minute quest turns into a 20 minute murder-fest of crazy proportions.  Seriously, the area should be called “fields of slaughter” for the masses of corpses strewn around.  Side note – I pull out my Shaman skinner for this zone.  He just stands in one spot, skins like mad, makes profits.

People think that the Lich King or Deathwing were massive killers but I stand by the idea that Hemet Nesingwary is responsible for more deaths than any other character in WoW.

Hemet Most Wanted

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