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I’ve added a timeline section to this website, going over the MMO games I’ve played over the years and a quick synopsis of why I played and perhaps left.

I’ve been lucky on three fronts.  First, I’ve been in the beta for nearly every MMO I have played over the years and some that I didn’t.  WoW and Rift have been my best experiences in those regards.  STO and TOR were my worst (and incredibly similar).

Secondly, I’ve been writing guides for games for many years. I have some on popular websites for free, others on paid sites (Killer Guides for one).  These guides have paid for my computers, my entertainment area and my subscriptions for nearly 10 years.

Third, I have made money playing games.  UO made me quite a lot selling characters and houses and gold.  I’ve done it all the way through WoW and in D3.  I’ve always felt I could play a game more efficiently that the average player due to time constraints and figured I could make a buck selling that service after selling the items became taboo.

I can honestly say that games are better today than they were back in the day.  15 years ago, you had a choice of BBS games or UO.  13 years ago, there were about 4 MMOs on the market.  This year so far, we’ve had 3 AAA launches, 4 F2P conversions and 5 expansions. While there are certainly more lemons today, there are many more quality games to choose from.  It’s fairly easy to find a game that fits your style.

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