Pandas, Pandas, Everywhere

So I decided to give WoW another go this week, what with some extra time on my hands.  I’m always interested in what Blizzard does and the path they are taking.  Let’s be honest, they could sell dirty socks and people would line up.

MoP is an interesting beast.  On one hand, you have the “hardcore” options: raids and challenges.  On the other, the “casual” options: scenarios, LFG, LFR, pet battles.  The simplified talent structure (heck, class structure) is pushing towards the more casual crowd as the min-maxers are having less variables to tweak.  It took only a few hours for the first raid to be cleared, mind you they had two weeks to gear up for it.

Then you have to look at the new player perspective.  If you roll a Monk, then you get a daily 50% exp buff to help you level.  You don’t get it for other classes, so you’re stuck with the Cataclysm leveling model.  Old world is great, Outland is horrible, LK is decent and Cata works great that no one is around anymore.  The MoP model is a sort of hub structure rather than a linear path and the story telling is pretty decent.  Finishing a quest gives you a piece of gear related to your spec, which in my mind is a bad move.  No one levels as a healer or a tank and the stat allocation between DPS and those roles is massive.  That basically means that if you’re about to turn something in, your best bet is to swap talent roles, collect, then swap back.

The measure is the amount of fun you’re having and I am currently having a good time. I am taking it a bit slower than previous attempts, so the burn should take longer.  Who knows how long this boost to player numbers will last.  Advantage to MoP is that there are zero games coming out in the next few months (even a year) that directly compete with their playerbase.  Might work out well.

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