That's an Odd Number

Blizz reports that they sold 2.7 million Mists of Pandaria copies.  We know that about 700K of them are boxes, so the rest are digital.  The rest are obviously digital.  They also state that they are back above 10 million players, a 1 million boost from the last quarter.  This is strange for a few reasons.

First, this can only include non-asian sales as the game only came out on Oct 4th over there.  Second, if the game increased their player base by 1 million, that means that only 1.7 million existing players bought the expansion.  That’s about 20% of players.

So of the 8 million existing players that don’t have the expansion a few things can be surmised.  A big chunk must be in Asai.  A massive chunk. Also, a fair amount of accounts are likely part of the 1 year buy in for Diablo 3 and haven’t played WoW in a while.  Finally, some people simply are not interested in MoP.

Overall, I would say the number isn’t disappointing or spectacular.  Just odd.

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