Fall Predictions

This fall is shaping up to have some nice releases.  I have some ideas as to how the big ones, for me at least, will perform.

Borderlands 2 comes out the 18th.  Two sides to this one.  This first was a huge fresh breath on the FPS genre, adding some RPG elements.  The classes were simple enough, the story was pretty good (and the writing), with a huge lottery machine for gear.  The sequel doesn’t seem to be expanding on any particular field, simply refining the various elements. It will certainly sell better than the original, which sold enough, and I plan to play it for quite some time.

Torchlight 2 hits September 20th.  I loved the first one, even though it was short.  I guess you could say it played like a tech demo for some neat ideas – nearly all of which were taken by Blizzard in D3 (yet poorly in most cases).  This version has new classes, a stronger leveling system and a much larger world.  I think the pro-reviewers will give it a lower score yet the player meta-score will be much higher.  This is the game that D2 players have been waiting for.

WoW – Mists of Pandaria hits on the 25th.  There are plenty of new features for the casual player here.  Next to none for the original player.  It’s also one of two subscription themeparks left for NA players.  Rift launches content 5x faster for the same fee.  Still, I see MoP selling a lot out of the gate and then a massive player crash before Christmas – say 2 million.

XCOM Enemy Unknown comes out October 9th.  A remake of the classic game with a few modern features.  Everything I’ve read about the game says the dev’s understand the original game and the videos looks promising.  I will end up playing it like mad, as I always tend to do with these types of games.  Still, I don’t see massive game sales unless there’s a better media push.

Assassin’s Creed 3 hits October 30th.   Will sell  like mad, will be a decent game.  Personally, I have not liked the progression the game has gone through.  AC2 was to me, one of the biggest disappointments in a long time.  AC3 seems very much like it’s following that trend.  The thing about it is that I’m interested in the overall story of it all, sort of like Mass Effect.  I still haven’t played ME3 so there are solid odds I will be missing AC3 baring some magic sale.

Rift – Storm Legion comes out November 13th.  An expansion for the best subscription themepark currently available is a solid bet.  I would normally call this the kitchen sink patch, but this is an expansion.  Housing, new levels, new play modes, new souls and 3x the playing zones.  This is one of those “safe bet” games where the sales will meet expectations.  Whether that is enough to keep the game at a fee, rather than F2P is up for debate.  Personally, I don’t see why.  You get way more value for your subscription than you do any F2P game on the market.


If you’re read this far you’ve noticed a pattern.  Every game is a PC game. Some are on multiple platforms but all of them are on the PC in some form.  Take a look at console releases for the fall and try and find something else.  You’d be surprised at how poor the selection is.

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