Where Have You Been?

X-Com was and always will be one of my all-time favorite games.  I played it at launch and put in nearly as many hours as I did with Civilization.  At the time, the game was the pinnacle of strategy-rpgs and had some rather amazing replayability built in.

I played the expansions.  Terror from the Deep was basically an expansion pack. Apocalypse was a 3d take but lacked depth.  Everything past that was garbage.  Since then, other games have tried to emulate the feeling.  I would guess the Rainbow6 game series has come the closest.

A few remakes have come and gone but they’ve all missed the feel of the original.  Nostalgia always does this since it was the first game of its kind.  I can forgive the original’s poor-ish graphics as a sign of the time.  I can’t really do that now.  This new take however, seems to be the closest in spirit to the original in a while.

There’s just something special about having an attachment to your in-game players and seeing that a bad decision cost you.  Every situation can be beaten, every situation can end in massive failure.  The determining factor isn’t skill, it’s thought. And boy, is that ever more rewarding for me.

Fingers crossed!

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