Ok, I Sort of Lied

I said I wouldn’t post about Diablo 3 again but I lied.  Actually, I put in a request for a full refund of the digital game shortly after I put the post up and today that request went through.  So, I guess I can’t really post about my in-game thoughts anymore!

Just a bit of context on this.  I have (or had I guess) a 60 Wiz and Monk, both who could clear Act 2 Inferno.  I had played the other 3 classes too, where the Barb is closest to the Monk, Demon Hunter is a Wizard and the Witch Doctor – well there’s a reason only 10% of characters are a WD.

Up until the end of Hell mode, you basically need your main stat, some vitality and a so-so weapon.  Finishing with 5k DPS, 10k HP is more than enough. HP is interesting because you get 35hp per Vitality point at 60, which is 3.5x more than at level 1, so you get a natural boost.

Inferno Act 1 needs at least 15KDPS, 20K HP to kill anything.  If you’re a Monk or a Barb, then you also need about 300 resists to everything, a shield to block (~25%) and decent armor rating.  This is a wall for content by the way.  Here’s why.

There are 2 main item quality types – magic and rare.  Magic items can have 2 affixes and Rares 4-6.  The actual point spread in those affixes is random too.  From a math perspective, Magic items typically make for better weapons or least easier to access since the odds of getting a decent weapon are better with less possible variables.  For about two weeks, the best weapons in the Auction House were blue and 200DPS above the closest yellow.

Moving to armor pieces, if you’re a Wizard or Demon Hunter, you really only need your main stat and then either Vitality or Attack Speed.  Again, magic items are your best bet since the odds of finding quality items is higher. My wizard beat Inferno Act 2 with mostly magic items due to the need for more damage and hit points and magic items being much cheaper to buy.

Barbs and Monks are different here and importantly different.  You must have 300 resist all to clear Inferno act 1.  This is a 3rd variable meaning that you need Rare (yellow) armor.  This is harder to find since there are 2-4x more variables possible on top of being rare to start.  So as a melee, you need your primary stat, vitality and resist all. Monks also need an extra resist stat due to an internal mechanic.  For example, my monk was looking for pants.  They needed 100 dex, any vitality, 40 resist all, 40 arcane.  Cheapest pair was 2 million.  I don’t need strength, intelligence, critical chance, critical hit, magic find, life on hit, life %, life on kill, health globes, health regen, thorns, magic find or gold find.

Act 4 needs about 800 resist.  With 10 slots, that’s an average of 80 resist all on each piece.    80, by the way, is the highest I have ever seen that stat go on a piece of gear.  So you need the absolute best gear in order to clear Inferno Act 4 as a melee.  Ranged can still get by with stacking a glass canon build and they can use those other stat slots for something useful, like Attack Speed, Magic Find or Movement Speed.

A long post, certainly but the short of it is that melee are at a disadvantage to ranged players due to a higher need of a variety of statistics in order to progress.

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