TOR Transfers Are Active

If you’re a TOR subscriber, a list of origin servers is up for you.  If yours is listed, then you can move to a new server.  My old one isn’t listed here but maybe it was in the first wave.  Anyhoot, with 100 or so total servers in NA it looks like about half are up for transfers.  Looking at TORStatus there are still only 4 major servers, 10 minor and then everyone falls into the same category.  It’s far from empirical evidence but anecdotally, it certainly takes the pulse of the game.

When the servers scream “empty”, the company doesn’t produce server metrics you start turning to anything that might give you a number.  And people on Fatman have been full up for some time now.

Server transfers are good but I was honestly hoping that they would put in mega servers.  This seems like a resource intensive problem plug rather than a solution.  I mean, the entire game is instanced – every single zone – just like STO.  If STO, made by one of the world’s worst developers, can do mega servers, you would think that EA and BioWare could do it too.  Heck, WoW is going down that route for leveling zones in MoP.

The more people who get to play together, the better it is for the health of the game.  If you already have obtrusive instancing, then the impact is minimal.  If you have seamless instancing, that’s gold.

Fingers are still crossed that TOR can stay above 1 million subs.  We need more than Rift and WoW as MMO successes.  EvE is more like that slow-witted cousin you pat on the head for at least trying.


EDIT: Apparently my server count was off.  It’s closer to 90 servers that can leave, 10 main servers and 20 stuck in the middle.  That’s 120 servers down to 30.  Crazy!

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