TOR 1.3

Just off the bat, I want to point out how absolutely hideous the new web site design is for TOR.  Wow.

Anyhow, back on point.  1.3 features are coming around now, though there’s still no release date for the content.  I’d guess 6-8 weeks based on what they did in the past.

What’s new?  A LFG tool (not cross-server), character transfers (not sure if it’s free or not) and the Legacy system is being updated to provide faster experience gains for alts.  That’s it.

The LFG tool should work for everything, planets, flashpoints, hard mode flashpoints and operations.  I hope that works out well cause fleets are still completely empty right now.  Character transfers should be free and a pre-cursor to server merges.  Rift managed this fairly well.  Losing 25% of your player base in 6 months is normal but that means you have 25% more servers than you need.  The Legacy boost is weird.  Why make the only good content even less relevant?  Aren’t the majority of TOR players right now alt-majors?  Boosting experience gain cheapens that and makes content completely irrelevant.  They aren’t looking for experience gains, they are looking for experiences.

The more I read about TOR, the more I think it’s headed towards a F2P model for longterm success.  The game is incredibly modular, with a huge divide at level 50.  To me, it would seem best to just add new planets and storylines and charge people for access to them.  This way, your customers dictate the game direction (PvE, PvP, raids, planets, etc…).

Good news is that 1.4 will have more content.  Bad news is that it’s no where close to having a release date.

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