Diablo 3 Addendum

After reading some more on the situation, particular Gevlon’s take, I am perplexed as to how Blizzard is planning to make money on the RMAH.

The fact that 4 days after launch the game was completed, speaks volumes as to the game’s difficulty level.  Evidently, there is enough gear available in 4 days of playing to complete the hardest of the hardest content.

Certainly, the players who completed this feat are good players, min-maxers as well.  That given, the toolset they had is the same as every other player.  They have the same skills and the same loot everyone else had.  They didn’t farm gear in order to progress (sort of like gear-checks in MMOs), they simply tested a few things and went forward.

The point I’m trying to make is that the game can clearly be beaten by highly skilled players with crappy gear.  This means that average players with average gear should be able to beat it and that crappy players will need powerful gear.  Blizzard is apparently hedging their bets that the latter group is a) of significant size and b) willing to spend real money to beat imaginary characters.

What an interesting experiment.

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