So I finally decided to give Netflix a try.  Reason is simple, Rogers and Blockbuster are gone, so it’s nigh impossible to get a movie now unless I want to buy it.  Online movies typically require planning, having to download the entire thing before watching.  Zip gives you access to a small subset and you have to wait for it to show up at the door.  Plus, at 8$ a month, it’s cheaper than any other option (other than pirating).

Now the downside is significant, the library at Netflix is much smaller than any other outlet.  Want to watch Indiana Jones? Too bad.  Star Wars?  Nope.  Mission Impossible 3?  Not likely.  You do get things you won’t get elsewhere though.  Conan, BBC Sherlock, Chitty  Chitty Bang Bang (heh).

As a movie distributor, I have to be wondering exactly how I can get home sales up.  Rogers and Bell offer home videos through their cable services but only recent releases and nearly no TV shows – plus the price is absurd.  Hulu doesn’t exist up here and Netflix is the only true movie distribution service all Canadians have access to.  How do we get more?  Boxee isn’t so much a service as a portal for existing content.  I tried it and it’s essentially a web browser that comes with links to cable channel’s web content (like It’s a shortcut, not a service,

Would I pay more for more selection?  Probably, to a certain point.  Would I pay a premium for some films?  Likely a 1-2$ fee for new releases.  Perhaps give people a credit for the month and they can purchase more for premium movies.  If I was working for Netflix, I would be knocking on every door out there to increase my catalogue and trounce any possible competition. Especially before Hulu or another service comes along.

Nearly everyone has internet and the majority can stream high quality content.  Netflix is 75% of traffic in the peak TV hours.  The road is ahead of us and the true trailblazers are going to make a killing.

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