Website Updates

I’m trying a few different things with the site layout.  Will try to better integrate Twitter and blogrolls and other tools as I see fit.  Been a long time since I re-did the site like this.

All the same, I was talking with some folk at work about social shifts and a topic I take to heart came up.  Kids leaving high school right now were born when the internet was around (1995 – so 17 years old).  They have never known a time without it.  My kid will never know a time without ease of computing (such as tablets) and ease of data access.  How do you, as a parent or adult, teach your kids how to be responsible with that much power when you don’t use it or understand it yourself?  It’s like the grumpy uncle who says “turn down that crappy music”.

We’re not talking about music anymore but the way kids see the entire world.  What a world it is.

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