The Battle for Content

I’ve been over how TOR lacks content but more specifically lacks the actual mechanics to make that content work.  Every single system has a major flaw and most are being addressed in 1.2 – or should be.

Well, I went back to Rift since I had time left on the account.  They are 1 year in and have 7 content patches.  WoW is nearly 18 months and has 3.  I wanted to compare a bit between both systems.  WoW has a Looking for Raid (LFR) tool set to get people together to raid.  Cool, only 5% of their playerbase was seeing their raid content.  Now it’s closer to 30%, good job.  Rift doesn’t have that tool but they do have alternatives.  Rift has Instant Adventures and Chronicles.  The former is a non-stop set of 5-10 minute quests you can do with 1-20 people.  The latter is a set of dungeons for 2 people.  Both are accessible from the interface.

Rift also borrows from EQ in having an alternate advancement system for level 50s.  Where typically at level 50 you are defined by your gear, in here you get additional experience from playing and get to assign points for extra abilities.  These are more planar charges (for special abilities), more stats (about 30, half a piece of gear) or some speed increases.  Nothing earth shattering but still some nice flavor.  It’s a reason to keep playing if you’re not a raider since you get something in 5 minutes of work.

They also have faction grinds (like WoW) with bind to account rewards  for a lot of it (like WoW) so that a single character has to go through it to get the cool rewards.  This means that less players have the rewards (since the grind can be longer) but as a player, you don’t have to redo it for every character.

Dungeons are balanced, new crafting recipes were launched, there’s a world event on at all times with costume/pet rewards, there are multiple gearing streams, PvP has 6 instances that you can choose from, always invasions somewhere – the list goes on about how accessible the content is.  What Rift learned from WoW and EQ has been expanded on.  WoW could learn a LOT from what was put in here and TOR could shut down for 2 months and still not catch up in terms of mechanics/content.

A game is judged by what I can do within it.  When I logged into TOR I could only PvP since the raid and dungeons were practically inaccessible due to their systems.  I couldn’t craft or make money.  When I log into WoW, I can raid, dungeons, collect, PvP, craft, explore, achieve and more.  Rift does that and adds 6 other things to do.  How do people put up with a game that doesn’t let you do anything more than pick your nose?

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