Mass Effect

I really liked the original Mass Effect.  I played through 3 times.  It was, in my opinion, the best game BioWare has ever made.  Sure the elevators were slow and the Mako was stupid but the rest was extremely well polished.  Mass Effect 2 simplified a lot of the RPG elements (inventory, weapons, abilities) and focused more on the story.  It ended in both triumph (group combat) and stupidity (human/reaper hybrid) so I ranked it a bit below the first one.

Now the 3rd Mass Effect game is on its way (March 4th) and after the crap-fest that was Dragon Age 2, BW has decided to try a different model on their game.  There are 3 game options.  One is RPG heavy with challenging combat, one is story heavy with little to no RPG elements and the last is combat, where the dialogue choices are all taken and combat is really hard.  I am curious as to what the majority will play.  For me it’s the RPG side.  I felt way more connected to Sheppard in the first game than in the 2nd, even though the scope was larger in the second.

Anyhow, I decided to replay both games to get a save ready for the 3rd.  My original plays were on the 360 (which I’ve pretty much retired) and finding the original for the PS3 is next to impossible.  So I got it on Steam.  Now, the 3rd is only available on Origin (EA’s online store) so I’ll have to transfer some stuff but the game plays pretty well and the loading times are really short.  It’s nice to see a PC interface too as the console version was buggy for me, unless you wanted to play it as a shooter.

So the goal over the next few weeks is to complete both games, then use those saves for the 3rd.  Should be fun!

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