Feb 8th

So  it was 2 days ago and I’m late.  Too bad.  Bell had a mental health day and I thought it was a good idea.  Two particular items were of interest and you can watch them online.

First is the Talk on Suicide special.  Some good stuff here and it’s nice to see people talk about it.  Too often people don’t talk and it’s the lack of information and acceptance that builds bigotry.  Sort of like gays while I was growing up.  People didn’t talk about it and it was taboo.  Now we can understand it a bit more, even though some might not accept it, they understand it.

Second is Michael Landsberg’s Depression and Sports.  Clara Hughes, Stephane Richer and Daryl Strawberry are in it as well.  This is more about showing that even elite athletes have “normal” problems than anything else and you truly feel for their situations.  It’s really good.

It’s not an easy road and there are very few people available to help you since they don’t understand the mechanics.  It’s the “suck it up” mentality really.  Well, life isn’t what it was 20 years ago.  People weren’t half a million in debt just to put a roof over their head.  People didn’t have huge hospital bills.  Life was physically harder back in the day but it’s mentally harder now.   People understand a broken leg, they do not understand a broken mind.  The more we talk, the better for everyone.

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