Poor Design

Here’s an interesting tidbit from WoW and patch 4.3

Melee classes will be getting a buff that is only active in the new raid to help them compete with ranged classes.

What does this mean exactly?  It means that melee classes (the up close and personal ones) are finally being acknowledged as being inferior.  This includes all variants of rogues, DPS warriors, DPS DKs, cat druids and enhance shamans.  Last expansion (Lich King) focuses on bringing the player and not the class, so that for the most part, every character brought something useful to a fight.  This expansion, there are quite a few classes that simply are useless in high level content.  Rogues are gone, maybe 5% of the entire player population, enhance shammys are dead, DKs and Warriors are only good for tanking and druids are going caster or tank.  There’s so much twitch, AE, move-or-die elements in fights that anyone standing close to a boss is near guaranteed to die.

Rift has this issue a bit as well with some warrior builds, though everyone can play at range if they want.  Solid decision since you can swap to a melee build when it works.  SWTOR has 4 (out of 16) builds that work only in melee and 2 more than are melee tanks, a HUGE disadvantage when you look at the ranged variants.

This type of buff in WoW is akin to using duct tape to fix a cracked window.  You’ll need to keep patching the window until you decide to replace it.  Games have reached a level of complexity where situational awareness is the primary key for survival and being in melee range is simply a guaranteed way to die.  You want a better fix that’s just as stupid?  Increase melee DPS range to that of other ranged attackers.  Make tanking skills require the minimum that currently exists.  Done.