I Told You So

In the category of painfully obvious, DCUO is going free to play.  I guess they wanted to milk as much of it as possible before the swap but the game is designed for F2P, from start to finish.  I bought it when 2 weeks after it launched, leveled 3 characters to max level in 2 weeks and then the game died.  There was nothing to do but hunt other costumes.  Raids/dungeons/groups were horribly broken.  At the 30 day mark from game launch, the servers emptied completely.  I could be on at 8pm and never meet another soul.

During the summer, they merged all the servers into one big one.  Well, 1 per continent, per device (PS3 and PC) for a total of 4.  That from an initial total of like 60.  Heck, we’re barely 7 months away from launch, so this might be a record for time to swap.

Is it worth giving a shot as F2P?  Hell yes.  The core game is solid and leveling to 30 is a LOT of fun.  It lasts about what you’d expect from a console game, maybe 8-10 hours.  It’s at that point that the F2P will get interesting.  Either they add interesting content so people pay or the game truly dies.  My vote is the latter.