GTA IV & Co.

Last night was fun.  Locked the keys in the car.  Took a drive to Castle Heights (that’s the nice name for Overbrook).  Picked up a cable splitter and GTA IV.  Got home and the fun began.

An hour.  A frikin’ hour to find the cable that lead to the living room.  Why so hard?  One, the coax cable was black and I’ve never seen construction grade coax be black before.  Two, the end of it was snipped off by the cable guy when he put in my recent connection.  I guess that’s their way to make sure you have to call them back to get it up and running again.  Pshh, enough with that!  I just stripped the wire, plugged it in and presto, cable.  So now the GF can watch her show upstairs while I use the big screen downstairs. This is something I should have done a LONG time ago.

Now onto GTA IV.  I had maybe an hour to try it out.   It’s a bit like watching a CG movie really.  It isn’t the large details anymore, I think we’re well past that point in gaming.  It’s all about the small things.  When Niko runs down stairs, he takes them sideways, one step at a time while running.  You remember back in the day when stairs acted just like ramps.  That’s done with.  Also, facial expressions are amazing in this game.  Eyes open, pupils change, faces twitch.  The movement is just so smooth.  There’s a beautiful flow.  And I’m only an hour in!!  Going to be a blast.