Ok, this is maybe a bit out from left field but it’s something I think needs to be addressed in this day and age.

We are a communication rich society.  Everything is at our fingertips – or we think it should be.  Why is it then that management/direction has such a hard time disseminating information to it’s workers?

Think about it.  Every night you go home, you can watch 2-3 news shows, read the internet, chat with your friends, heck even the grocery store has some new information.  You go to work, do what you need to do, go home and hope that you did the right thing based on scraps of information you gathered weeks ago.

I am a document & process driven individual.  If I know it can be done better and faster, I’ll test it out and then write it out so that others can follow and save time.  What do we do with that extra time?  Find other things that can be done faster and LEARN more!  If I put together the amount of time I spend hunting on how to do the basics and policies of my job and had a single, accessible, intuitive resource to connect to in order to GET that information, I would save a day a week.  As it is, I need to ask 3 people to find the right one who can point me in the right direction.

Solution?  Monthly management information sessions.  Like a news broadcast if you will.  I am lucky that my current team works like this.  I know a lot that do not.  It’s like the telephone game.  If the message is going to go through 10 people before getting to me, you can bet your coffee, I’m getting the wrong information.  I need it from the horse’s mouth.  And I need it frequently.

Then again, could just be me!