Housing For Everyone!

To little fanfare (at least from my feeds) SWTOR announced player housing.  Maybe they gave out more information while I was at sea but this is what I found today.

It looks somewhat similar to RIFT’s housing idea, what of instances of housing to choose from.  Where that game had a lot of choice in terms of domicile, this one seems to be limited to either your capital city or Nar Shadaa. So, yay?

As per everything in SWTOR, a new experience bar is also available for housing.  It increased based on the amount of decorating you do.  This is a strange mechanism, to be honest, as housing is between achiever and socializer in my books.  This “prestige” gets you more something but do they want people to decorate just to raise that bar or simply as an afterthought to decorating?  I’ve always been of the mind that people build what they want for the pleasure of building, not some mini-game.

Not a whole lot more to go on.  Namely travel (hopefully a single hop), size, customization options, cost (though $1.5M seems to be listed somewhere) and a few more things.

Other good news is that fleet ships are in, which is essentially guild housing.  That is pretty sweet, if again, they can get the transport issue resolved.  I have quite a few fond memories of guild housing in UO, what with the local amenities and shared common space.

Keeping track, we have housing in EQ2, LOTRO, RIFT, FF14 (though too expensive for most) Wildstar and now SWTOR.  WoW has an extremely simplistic version.  TESO doesn’t yet appear to have anything, though it’s been a core of the single player series.  The concept of ownership certainly does make people come back.  Hopefully this thought process, where player initiated actions provide noticeable changes to the world, can take hold in more games.