When A Climax Is Not

It took about 16 hours to finish Dishonored on a “low chaos” setting. If I recall, I only ever had to kill 1 enemy for a sub-quest and a bunch of spitting plants. Every single boss, including the last, has a non-lethal solution. Let’s get to that.

It’s no mass secret that Dishonored is about being betrayed. How often that happens is perhaps a secret but a poorly kept one after 10 minutes of play. You know the outline just not the details. And the details are good.

The final mission, or set really, test your ability to get around without being seen. Where the first missions had you jumping from roofs to avoid people, the last few have you running in the open with massive robots and teleporting ninjas all around. The second last zone is quite taxing.

The final zone has 4 enemies to avoid before the boss. Took a few tries but I got through.

When you reach the boss, you aren’t yet acknowledged so the door is open if you will. I shot sleeping darts, moved on up and opened a door to end the game.

I can tell you that after having subdued the first boss at the start of the game, pulled him across what seemed like 5 miles of corridor and branded his face, this last fight was perplexing.

But then I looked at it from a lore/story perspective, and lacking the want to spoil it, the ending made perfect sense.