Summer Time

Been a while since the last post.  A lot going on mind you.

  • Turned 30
  • Played about 15 rounds of golf
  • Headed camping
  • Built a new garden
  • Got a new AC installed
  • Planned a new landscape
  • Got rained on for what seems like 3 weeks

On top of all that, I’m in the 3rd Phase of P90X.  I hit the scale today about 10 times in a row thinking the damn thing was busted but I lost 4lbs in the last week.  More than that single number, I can feel it everywhere.  Clothes fit better, the programs are not so much easier but I can do more in them with more intensity.  Belt notches are being used that haven’t been used in over 10 years.  Wife seems to notice as well, so that’s a bonus.

The plan is to hit 190 before hockey starts near the end of September.  Heck, even if I started playing now I’d be faster and stronger but there’s something about having a target that pushes you harder.  Am I on pace?  Well, the first few months were less about losing weight and more about getting into shape, building the muscle needed to burn calories just sitting down.  I’ve got most of that done now and I’ve yet to change my caloric intake from what I had almost 3 months ago.  Basically I’m burning about 20% more calories in a day with the same intake, so the weight is going to come off a bit faster for the next few weeks.  By the end of August, I’ll re-adjust my diet to increase the carb/calorie proportions to reduce the weight loss and increase the endurance/muscle gain.  Feels great!

And on a completely disrespectful note:

– A woman asks: The next time my boyfriend asks me to make him a sandwhich, what would be a great comeback?

-A guy answers: Well

No More Meteor!

So ya, been really friking busy with all sorts of things.  Getting married in under 2 months, fun stuff but busy stuff.

I also can’t access this site from work, which is often times where I made my lunchtime updates.  Have to figure an alternative to that problem.

In the meantime, don’t Photoshop while drinking.

Been a while…

Been so damn busy…. anyhoot.

There’s a link on the left now to a Rogue Blog I started. It gives me a chance to write down some numbers for my guides and optimize some data.   So suffice it to say, yes I’m in the Beta and yes I have an active account. Refer a friend is gold, gold I tell you!!

In other news, Hell freezes over.

LHC Starts Up

So we’re smashing energy particles the size of grains of sand at just short the speed of light over the course of 27Kms at a temperature of -450C (~20 degrees from absolute zero).  Each hit does about 14 kilovolts of electricity (powelines are 100Kv).  Cameras takes 150mega pixel pictures, 600 times a second to find the Boson, a theoretical particle.

Why are we doing this?  Physics has yet to be unified, meaning we have multiple formulas and theories for various SIZES of items.  We know how atoms work (sort of), we know how human sized matter works (sort of), we know how planets work (sort of).  What we don’t know is how atoms interact with planets.

Think of it this way.  There are dozens of theories and it’s next to impossible to prove them because of scale (how do you test an atom vs a planet?).  The LHC will gives us a pointer in the proper direction, replicating what scientists believe the Big Bang was all about.  A vaccum, absolute cold, tiny particles at the speed of light.

It’s going to be quite the interesting tests!

The Dark Knight

I had the chance to see the new Batman movie tonight.  Now that is something else.  I thought Batman Begins was good but it’s a high school play compared to this.

A lot of people talk about Heath Ledger’s performance.  To be honest, it is really quite amazing.  He truly is a psychopath in every sense of the word.  Whenever he’s on screen you wince and squirm about his next move, his next line, his next thought.  We’ve seen criminals in the past, there was always rhyme and reason to them existing.  Not so with the Joker.  He is pure evil incarnate.  He has no goals but to see the world burn.

The movie has a great pace too.  Clocks in near 2.5hours with almost non-stop action throughout.  You only have a few moments to catch your breath and make sense of it all before the next act begins.  Seeing it in IMAX is the only option.  There’s just too much action on screen to shrink the perspective down.

Christian Bale is Batman.  There is no doubt.  Michael Cain is great as Alfred.  Maggie Gyllenhal is a good Rachel (my biggest gripe from the first film was Katie).  Aron Eckhart does a noble job as Two Face but it seems lacking in time when compared to the Joker, like he could have had more to do.

I am certainly returning to see it again.  Hopefully this week!

Clean Up!

Finally a free weekend!  Well, free is a limited word in this case.  The GF and I, along with the mother-in-law (suppose), we tore up the garden-ish area in the backyard.  Took down most of a tree too.  Started near 9am, finished near 4.

A truck full of trees/shrubs and 8 bags for the curb.  To say I am exhausted is an understatement.

Final result, move flowers, no rhubarb, tomatoe and beans are planted.  Been trying to get this done for years, so glad it’s done.  No for some sleep…