The Musk/Twitter saga continues, with ever impressive results.

Dictating that remote work is no longer possible when people have been hired with that construct, that certainly didn’t work out. There are some cities where it’s just not possible to be “in the office” because there’s no housing. Changing the terms and conditions of employment with no notice, welp, that’s a heck of a fun event that employment lawyers will enjoy.

Oh, and then coming back 2 days later saying “actually, you can continue to work remotely, manager’s will be accountable for it” is yet another genius move.

The real kicker though, is a 48hr ultimatum that you will need to work nearly double the hours, with no timeframe of duration, and no incentive to doing so. Or door #2, take 3 months pay. Which is certainly more effective that yet another firing wave (which will cost them more for reasons). Then to be surprised at the number of people who decided to nope the heck out.

We’ve all had bosses where we’d probably climb through glass for, knowing that they’d be right there with us and celebrating as a group at the end. Musk has done everything in his power to alienate the entire workforce, and no sane business person would want to engage with him in the future. Not that they necessarily disagree with his result, Bobby Kotick will gladly fire anyone, but moreso in the way he’s doing it. There’s a balance to be had where you may hate the CEO, but you like the company and have some belief there’s a future. Not much of that right now at Twitter.

The pundit math right now indicates that Twitter employee count has dropped by 88% since Musk took over. We may have found the fastest way to lose $44bn on record.

There’s bound to be an upside here.

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