September is Too Busy

I refuse to accept that this is what “normal” used to be. Things are just coming in at lightning speed and it feels like we barely have time to take a breath before the next event.

Return to school is always a fun time. There are tons of extra activities for the kids this year, which is all positive. I’m coaching both kids in hockey, which is just an insane amount of work to kickstart. Volunteer efforts are always a tough one, because there’s always more that can be done. Thankfully the majority of the administrative set up is done, and it’s about executing the year. Still… it’s going to be 8 tournaments and at least 35 games. Weekends are all but gone for a while. Fun weekends I expect, but time isn’t kind.

Side note – I did have an event with a parent at the first practice of one of the teams. Truly an astounding event that put everyone on the wrong footing. I get emotional outbursts, but parents really should know better. Not only do they look dumb, but their kids get some of the flack as a result.

Tons of health bits this last week. I pulled my back, relatives in the hospital, major surgery, and some horrendous C news. I’m in that middle curve where there will be more funerals than weddings for the next 10 years or so. I know that’s the reality, but it doesn’t necessarily blunt the news of any of the events.

Work is also at a crazy level. The summer months finally had people take vacation they’ve accumulated over the pandemic. The team has worked some absolutely insane hours, and time off just wasn’t an option (I don’t work in healthcare, that’s just *mind blown*). That didn’t stall items, but it gave time for some folks to come up with ideas and for some reason decide that we are going to try to keep pace with prior years. Even though every report on mental health says this pace isn’t sustainable. There are some key folks here that are able to rally the troops and keep folks sane. When those people decide they’ve had enough, stuff goes sideways very quickly. It’s not one of those things that’s linear… it’s a slow drip, and then boom, the damn bursts.

I dislike taking big decisions while under stress. I prefer to soak on it, at least 24hrs. That works for most things, but I do realize it means I tend to pile on more stress than may be healthy. The personal space is getting to a manageable state and there’s some light at the end of that tunnel. Work… that is more complex. I think it may be time to start exploring other opportunities.

2 thoughts on “September is Too Busy

  1. I got sucked back into coaching this year as well. U18AA boys. I had taken off the past two years (I did do a modified covid house league coaching gig, back when you could only have 9 players on the bench, etc, social distancing on the ice (no faceoffs). Just to see if I could help keep the kids safe and still participate. Anyway…

    I find the longer hockey goes on the more the parents “get it”. They have been through the cycles and ups and downs enough times, and realize that “parent cuts” are things evaluators talk about at tryouts. People don’t get cut for their parents but if it comes down to the 14th or 15th players and one is a supportive family that makes the game better for the rest involved, and the other costs time and energy for players, coaches and other parents.. and all else being equal on the ice… you can guess who gets picked.

    I, through no fair reason, stopped sleeping this year. Everything is getting to me. Things that were my dream now keeps me up at night. Has this mental health crisis always been there, or is the world just finally acknowledging it? I dunno, but life just tends to feel so much heavier right now. Even things we can’t control (Ukraine, China, etc.) weigh heavy. I do mediate and it helps, and always try to have perspective, but I feel like as I am pushing 50 I should be enjoying life more and worried less. And I’m known as the “logical thinker” who can “compartmentalize” due to past work and personality type.

    Anyway – good luck with the year. I know you will find the best way to address it with the parent at the right time.

    (I still lurk my blogroll even though I stopped writing đŸ™‚

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