The Last God

I was on a family weekend getaway and my sister had this book on hand. It had an interesting pitch, and I borrowed it for a solid read.

One of the more interesting bits here is that this series was developed with PnP in mind, so the tail end has an annex on how to apply D20/DnD rules to the setting. Given the amount of world building in many graphical novels today, it felt like a smart move. Most writers are going to spend a fair amount of time on the lore anyhow, and this allows a more practical view on the various character power levels and history.

The Last God falls into the fantastical horror genre, with a big layer of flawed legends and the gradual uncovering of the truth. The plot itself isn’t terribly innovative, and you can see most of the twists and turns throughout. There are character archetypes, the corrupt leader, the rebellious wife, the pure newbie, and so on. This isn’t a critique per se, it’s sort of like how there are many simple Lego pieces and depending on how you put them together, you get different results. There are many graphic novels that apply this mind set.

The results here are quite good, primarily enabled by the fundamental lore than gives a platform for these characters. The main character here is the setting. The gods themselves and their lasting impacts on the world are fascinating. The impacts of prophecy and the desire to escape one’s fate are cool. The cost of magic, at scale, is even more interesting. The ending feels like an ending.

The largest issue I have is the poor print quality. This was clearly digital art that was then transferred to paper, and the quality loss is significant. I’m ok with poor print quality in an actual comic that’s produced in large quantities. A hard cover book should do better. If you happen to have a 10in+ tablet, you’re better off getting a digital copy.

If you see it on sale, I’d say pick it up.

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