Blaugust – Late to the Party

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Every year I tell myself I’ll give it a go, then I realize that it’s smack in the middle of my summer vacation plans and I do not have the ability to schedule that much for my blog. Hence why you’re seeing this NOW and not at the start of August. On a given year, I average 3 posts a week. That’s ~150 per year, and certainly more effort than a tweet. I came to the conclusion long ago that blogging is a form of mental therapy for me, so the measure of success here is less volume and more general health.

Blaugust has been around for a while now, and it’s always a pleasure to find new folks in the community. Those who are “new” to blogging often find it a struggle to find a system that works for them, and the mentors/themes of Blaugust really help folks along. While the goal is certainly a post a day, that’s a serious achievement. If you’re not on the discord server, you’re missing out.

One tip that’s less for the bloggers and more for the readers (from Bel):

Mingle with the participants of Blaugust 2022. Get out and see the blogs, read the posts, and comment frequently! These folks represent a social structure that you can lean on for advice in the coming years. I deeply value the ties I have made with other bloggers and started this process as an attempt to cement those and build new ones.

Even if you are not a blogger, the comments are always appreciated and more often than not, act as further inspiration for content.

Looking forward to it!

2 thoughts on “Blaugust – Late to the Party

  1. It’s never too late to throw in with Blaugust. Well, I guess it will be come September.

    The irony is that the hugely increased output can actually mean fewer comments than in a regular month, especially towards the end, when reading burnout is as real as blogging burnout. I’m a pretty profligate commenter in normal times and I do make a special effort in Blaugust but I usually end up feeling I’ve not commented on nearly as many posts as I’d have liked and I certainly won’t have read everything, either.

    Still a great event, even if it is exhausting sometimes.


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