Just About Enough

These last few years have felt like a non-stop dumpster fire. Just a barrage of events, some within control, others outside, that have been draining my sanity.

My city (and others) just got walloped by a massive storm this weekend, knocking out power to seemingly half the population, and efforts are still underway to restore it for quite a lot of people. Farms destroyed, roofs ripped off, it’s something that frankly should not happen in our area. We’ve had two 100-year-floods in the past 5 years. It’s a special type of person who isn’t concerned that things are getting worse and what we should do about it.

There’s a months-long war in Ukraine, held aloft through nearly 2 decades of enabling a dictator because of our global dependence on gas/oil. Decades of wars for oil, and it took Ukraine to be the proverbial straw here.

And for some reason abortion is a big deal in the States, yet it’s not a big deal that school shootings continue. The factory of dumb that comes from the US in general is just mind-numbing, where people are proud of their stupidity instead of ashamed of it. I mean, I can understand why folks are looking to the fringes when their elected officials don’t care about them, and their CEOs are bleeding them dry. The inmates are about to run the prison.

The whole Musk-Twitter-Tesla debacle is a really great popcorn show of billionaires gambling and thousands of people crossing their fingers as to where it lands. If that isn’t proof enough that billionaires should not exist, I don’t know what else would show it.

Can we maybe go through the summer months without a new level of emergency going on? Let people catch their breath and just hug a neighbor? I could certainly use some bits of good news.

One thought on “Just About Enough

  1. Funny thing about 100 year storms. My brother in law inherited my in laws home at the Jersey Shore. Not the TV location, an hour south. So we were talking about Superstorm Sandy when the house took on 4 feet of water. And should we worry about the future with global warming and sea level rising. So I did some research. We have about a 20,000 year trend. We are rising now and over the next few hundred years will see about an additional 24 meters of sea level rise as the poles melt. Then over a much faster rate, it falls as levels drop hundreds of meters and the poles freeze again. The New Jersey coast will be about 40 miles offshore from where it is now. This happens over and over, tracked over a 200,000 year timeline of research. So yeah, those storms will become more frequent I guess


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