Restart The Normal

It’s been a solid 18 months since things were even close to normal for me. For many of us. The pandemic changed the way I work, the way I play, the way I interact with people. My kid’s school and my wife’s job were turned upside down as well. In the larger scope of things, we’ve come out of this pretty darn well. I lost my grandfather to COVID, that’s going to stick with me for a long time. The days of not quite knowing what’s coming next, those have been draining.

These last 2 weeks have been some semblance of “normal”. My kids are back in school, with some limitations as no child is vaccinated yet. They have masks and relative social distancing. Already after a few days I can see major improvements in their social abilities. It was like they regressed for a while and getting back into it. Sort of like riding a bike I suppose.

My pick up hockey starts tonight. It’ll be great to play with the boys again. But I do have butterflies as to how this large social setting will work out. Everyone has both shots, so I’m less worried about them having ill effects, but it doesn’t negate the fact that it can still spread to other people from us. I’m sure once I get back onto the ice, things will just feel better. At least, I hope so.

The kids also start their hockey back up this weekend, so I guess my weekends for a while will be in the rink. I’m coaching again this year, which is extremely rewarding. There’s a new coach in the fray that I’ll be helping along, and some of my own rust I’ll need to get through. That means a new set of practice plans, goals, fundraising, parent meetings, equipment, ice bookings, and oh yea, ensuring the kids are having fun. Next few weeks are going to be some busy days to get it all sorted out. The kids themselves are still too young for shots, but any adult stepping into a rink will need their full doses by the start of October.

You can infer from this that I am clearly on the “get vaccinated” bus. This is not the forum to explain why. I am not a doctor and frankly, no one should be taking medical advice from anyone who isn’t actually trained in it. I can say that there are certain obligations we all have as individuals to be able to co-exist in a society, things we do or don’t do to make it all run smooth. I am glad we don’t have polio around anymore, and the odds of my kids getting whooping cough or varicella are next to nil. That’s not because I made a choice, but because we all did.

The more we act as a society that wants to get along and that trusts each other, the quicker we get back to “normal”. Whatever that means anymore.

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