ActiBlizz – A Picture Says a Thousand Words

A bingo card

More “departures” at Blizzard, and this particular photo is acting as a sort of hit list of easy targets for Activision to take action upon.

I have done some dumb things in my life, of that there’s no question. We all have. I’ve paid my fair share of consequences, enough to understand that while in a leadership position, there are some fundamental values and ethics that we need to share. And for a very long time, money allowed people to get away with almost anything. If you survived the middle trenches, it really didn’t matter what you did from that point forward.

There’s a fundamental concept in physics, that for every action there is a commensurate reaction. This applies to sociology as well, just that the timeframes are different. Sometimes that triggering event seems minor compared to other things, but it’s just a lack of awareness of the pressure on that given topic. Dam failures are not often caused by massive floods, it’s gradually eating away and lack of maintenance.

SUPER TANGENT TIME! I do want to point that the last US President is viewed as the final trigger for sexual harassment deluge. MeToo started in the mid-2000’s but truly picked up in 2017. The trickle turned into a torrent of allegations everywhere, and you can’t shake a stick without hearing/reading about it. The normalcy that he presented in sexual assault/harassment really pushed this thing over the edge. And where this current leads, I have no clue.

So more Blizzard leadership exits, and I’m somewhat sure that this will continue for the months to come. It’s a good message to leaders that there are consequences for actions, but it’s also years late. And for those who actually want to buy Blizzard products, the leadership exists here mean that dev cycles will slow to a crawl, which certainly isn’t helping things. It’s all bad news, with a sliver of justice for those who were abused in the past.

Let’s see how far this toilet will flush.

One thought on “ActiBlizz – A Picture Says a Thousand Words

  1. What I find interesting in all these happenings over the past years is that at times there is a double standard. Yes, good chances are that a few in the photo are quilty of transgressions, etc. I’m sure there is a mountain of complaints made to HUman Resources over the years they are looking into. That photo in itself may not be damming, I did research that the Cosby trial and accusations occurred a year later in 2014, however it was the comments made in the discussion below the photo that will end a few careers.

    As to the double standard, why condemn everyone in the photo as a mysogynistic frat boy looking to have sex with women at the con, but a photo of, pick any big name celebrity, with Harvey Weinstein is ok. That Jimmy Kimmel is off the hook for everything he did while on The Man show, because he was a different person then. I mean it is crazy at times when things are dug up from not even 10 years ago, but going back 20,30, even 40 years. Was it right back then? Not really, but cultural attitudes have changed over the decades. I know, I’ve lived now in 7 decades, it was a different time. And I will say also since people seem to think how I grew up was totally wrong and I should apologize for everything I’ve ever done, there is a great deal of things that are treated as commonplace in today’s society that would have had me grounded for a month and too sore to sit down for a week if I behaved the way kids and young adults do today.

    30 years from now it will be even more different. I guess what I’m getting at is we need to put the brakes on and look specifically at the actions, not the perceived strictly from a photo.


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