Get the Nintendo Lawyers

Super short one, just pure amazement at the brass set here.

I get that mobile app stores are chocked full of scams and reskins of other games. It’s marginally better than the cess-pool that is Steam. Any search for an easy dollar I guess.

Check this one out:

I’ve spent well over 100 hours playing Hades. It won numerous Games of the Year awards. It is built on the SuperGiant art DNA. There’s artistic license and influence, then what is effectively a cut and paste. It’s 2021… there’s no way that something like this isn’t going to get bad press. The only other game I can see from this developer is a FarmVille clone (there have be 10s of thousands now) that uses Disney princesses as avatars – heck even the Disney castle is in their material. Hence the brass set comment above.

The lawyers are certainly looking at this, but it’s a weird time here where you kind of would be interested to see what the Nintendo or Disney lawyers would do here.

One thought on “Get the Nintendo Lawyers

  1. Wowwww. That knock-off is incredible! I looked away for a few seconds after hitting play on the linked video, came back, and thought it was showing the original Hades first.

    Brass set is right. I can’t believe it.

    Hope they get taken down, but I expect worst that will happen is they’ll get pulled from the various official app stores. :/


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