Love, Death & Robots Season 2

Not going to hide it, but Heavy Metal was one of my favorite magazines as a kid. Fine, hormones aside, there was no real competition in the comic sci-fi genre… the stories told within those pages were just pure imagination. I watched the movie from the 80s, it’s a decent anthology that culminates in a crazy final story that is worth watching for that alone. There was Heavy Metal 2000 that came out a lot later, but it wasn’t as good.

2 years ago we got Love, Death & Robots, about as close as we’re ever going to get to a Heavy Metal 3. It’s an impressive anthology, with some extremely poignant standouts. There’s no binding storyline, just some great individual stories. Zima Blue is the high watermark, no doubt. I really enjoyed Beyond the Aquila Rift too. Heck, there wasn’t a single entry I disliked, which is saying a lot about any anthology.

And here we are holding out breath for a sequel and sure enough the trailer dropped this weekend. We’re a month out (May 14) from another set of serious binge watching.

(Side note: This is a really good trailer. Compare to something like Shang-Chi and you really see how the intersect of music and editing really pays off.)

2 thoughts on “Love, Death & Robots Season 2

  1. Hmm. I thought I recognized Zima Blue and Beyond the Aquila Rift. Alastair Reynolds short stories. One of my favorite SF authors of the modern era. So then I wondered, if it’s on NetFlix, how come I haven’t seen it there?

    Turns out I have. I watched the first short (Three Robots) and thought it was pretty to look at but ultimately quite annoying. I didn’t carry on. I was assuming it would be a coherent series with the rest of the episodes following on in the same vein but it appears to be a portmanteau collection so I guess they’ll all stand on their own merits or lack of them. And they’re all really short so it would be a case of moving on to the next when one failed to catch fire. I’ll take another look. Zima Blue isn’t included in the line-up on my NetFlix page, though. There are only 10 episodes but IMDB lists Zima Blue as #14 of 14. We seem to be missing some.


    • The order is randomized for everyone… perhaps there are some copyright issues outside of NA for the extra ones? Just checked mine, there are 14. If you’re on the web accessing Netflix, it limits the view to 10 and you need to click the down arrow to get the other episodes. Weird all the same.


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