Monster Hunter: Rise

Hell of a spring gaming season! There’s a pile of stuff I’m quite interested in that’s coming out shortly. And really, the last few months have been just as amazing. Really hard to find any issues in terms of entertainment.

MArch 26 was the launch day for Monster Hunter: Rise on the Switch. I put in more than 100hrs into Monster Hunter: World, on both PS4 and PC. That is a game with barely a flaw, and the Iceborne expansion was just superb. The reviews so far all indicate the same level of quality. And they refer to the same issue when World launched – the cliffhanger ending and lack of future progress. Capcom has a history of this, and the DLC for content has always been free. I get why they do it, making sure the core is functional and pace out the end game. No different than any MMO on the market delaying the launch of raids, or adding content over time.

I don’t have a Switch, I game almost exclusively on PC. I bought a PS4 really late in the cycle and only because Horizon Zero Dawn was out. That worked out for me, as I did get to play God of War, Monster Hunter: World, Spider-Man, Read Dead Redemption 2, and Ghost of Tsushima. And it makes a decent media center in the rec room. Kids still use the Wii more though! I don’t play more of it primarily due to the costs for online gaming. I get that for free, and the whole Steam/EGS model just plain works better.

Switch… well, that’s a tougher sell. The ‘best’ Switch games are PC games, with the exception of Zelda, Mario, and Animal Crossing. It’s not a good media center. It barely scrapes by at 1080p. It’s gone through one iteration already, and is likely to have a 4K variant this year. The mobility is cool, but I have a tablet with a BT controller that does a better job in almost every regard. The Nintendo Online part also isn’t an easy sell. $25 for a year isn’t the problem – it’s that it doesn’t seem to work consistently. Clearly for cost reasons the Switch is a compromise on multiple fronts.

And all this time I really hadn’t been pushed to even consider it as a viable option. Monster Hunter though… that’s a game I’d LOVE to have as a mobile option. And I’ve saved more than enough in parking fees working remotely to afford it.

Seems Nintendo is aware of this fact and has a Monster Hunter edition Switch, which costs less than the base console + game combined. So let’s see what arrives in the mail in a day…

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